Friday, November 21, 2014

Boren Family, SLC...

I'm obsessed with this cute family!
Baby Lennon was hands down the smiliest baby I have ever photographed! EVER!
I seriously want to SQUEEZE him! And is it just me or is he identical to the Gerber baby?

Boren Family-104
Boren Family-22
Boren Family-6  Boren Family-3
Boren Family-10
Boren Family-12  Boren Family-11
Boren Family-29
Boren Family-40  Boren Family-34
Boren Family-55
Boren Family-49
Boren Family-43  Boren Family-42
Boren Family-64
Boren Family-61  Boren Family-62
Boren Family-82
Boren Family-87
Boren Family-114
Boren Family-96
Boren Family-121
Boren Family-124  Boren Family-120

There are sooo many more! I just can't choose when I do these posts. To view the whole session click on any one of these photos and it will take you to my flickr account.
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