Monday, November 10, 2014

Borgquist Family...

Absolutely loved this session at the mission in Old Town San Juan Capistrano.
So many options to choose from. With the borgquists inspiring me as ALWAYS. and this gorgeous backdrop I was going crazy with ideas. Can't go wrong with these guys. They nail it every year!
Myrna Borgquist-41
Myrna Borgquist-126
Myrna Borgquist-131
Myrna Borgquist-137
Myrna Borgquist-129
Myrna Borgquist-125

Myrna Borgquist-18
Myrna Borgquist-26  Myrna Borgquist-15
Myrna Borgquist-9

Myrna Borgquist-110
Myrna Borgquist-60
Myrna Borgquist-119  Myrna Borgquist-120
Myrna Borgquist-43
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