Monday, November 10, 2014

Florence Girls...

Oh my goodness. Have you ever seen anything sweeter in your entire life?!!

They are just the most precious little angels.
This was my first time photographing twins and my heart just couldn't even take it.
There is something so special about twins. They really have this unique bond.

You were perfect girlies.
Can't wait to see you grow.

Florence Girls-2
Florence Girls-10
Florence Girls-36
Florence Girls-15
Florence Girls-46  Florence Girls-47
Florence Girls-43
Florence Girls-8
Florence Girls-19
Florence Girls-29
Florence Girls-50  Florence Girls-49
Florence Girls-57
Florence Girls-55  Florence Girls-54
Florence Girls-61
Florence Girls-73
Florence Girls-80
Florence Girls-82
Florence Girls-86
Florence Girls-94  Florence Girls-89
Florence Girls-103
Florence Girls-92  Florence Girls-101
Florence Girls-107
Florence Girls-114
Florence Girls-123
Florence Girls-127
Florence Girls-118

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