Thursday, November 13, 2014

Palmer Family...

Something started happening over the past few years now...
All my friends had babies, lots and lots of babies.
I don't know when it all happened but now those babies are starting to turn into little people.
And those little people are starting to remind me of their parents. How I remember them!
When did we become the "moms"?! I don't know. 
But these little people are so much fun!
This little girl reminds me so much of her mama. Full of life. Happy. 
Her mom and I had a lot of fun together. 
Always some silly adventure that resulted in lots of laughter. 
Love you Palmer Fam!!

This canyon.
I love it.
So many good memories here. It's home.

Palmer Family-122
Palmer Family-115  Palmer Family-112
Palmer Family-33
Palmer Family-20  Palmer Family-13
Palmer Family-100
Palmer Family-99  Palmer Family-98
Palmer Family-95
Palmer Family-84  Palmer Family-74
Palmer Family-61
Palmer Family-66  Palmer Family-68
Palmer Family-65
Palmer Family-108
Palmer Family-111  Palmer Family-109
Palmer Family-47
Palmer Family-24
Palmer Family-57
Palmer Family-52  Palmer Family-50
Palmer Family-27

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