Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gutierez Family, Dana Point, CA...

I think these are some of the most beautiful and sincere photos I've ever taken.
A big part of that reason is because of who these people are.
They are so deeply good I definetely think that shines through in these photos.
We absolutely love the gutierez family. They are those people that you literally couldn't find a single soul on the planet that would be able to speak an ill word about them.
Love you guys!

Gutierez Family-13
Gutierez Family-25  Gutierez Family-12
Gutierez Family-24
Gutierez Family-20
Gutierez Family-22

Gutierez Family-44
Gutierez Family-34
Gutierez Family-51  Gutierez Family-73 Gutierez Family-62
Gutierez Family-71  Gutierez Family-54  Gutierez Family-77
Gutierez Family-60  Gutierez Family-68  Gutierez Family-50
Gutierez Family-26  Gutierez Family-27  
Gutierez Family-81
Gutierez Family-83  Gutierez Family-85
Gutierez Family-86
Gutierez Family-90
Gutierez Family-96  Gutierez Family-94
Gutierez Family-99
Gutierez Family-103
Gutierez Family-109  Gutierez Family-110
Gutierez Family-126
Gutierez Family-120  Gutierez Family-118
Gutierez Family-114
Gutierez Family-116  Gutierez Family-112
Gutierez Family-124
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