Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chamberlain Family...

Sometimes I wish I could have a recording device in my head as I'm going through and editing...
I feel like the words I kept using in my head this time was bright, happy, beautiful, boys!!
Jumping, playful, loving, boys.

It's so fun to be able to go into clients homes (especially when they're dear friends) and just be.
In their element. Pretending to be a family member for a little bit.
There aren't really walls or barriers. No shame. Just observe. And shoot away. I have always loved that. And lifestyle photography is some of my very very very favorite because of that reason.

Thank you Chamberlain family!!
Love you guys.

(( and how cool is that tent their mama made?! She's a rockstar for sure ))
Chamberlain Family-51
Chamberlain Family-24
Chamberlain Family-28  Chamberlain Family-22
Chamberlain Family-33
Chamberlain Family-32  Chamberlain Family-41
Chamberlain Family-46
Chamberlain Family-54
Chamberlain Family-65  Chamberlain Family-68
Chamberlain Family-82
Chamberlain Family-91
Chamberlain Family-96  Chamberlain Family-98
Chamberlain Family-100
Chamberlain Family-104  Chamberlain Family-105
Chamberlain Family-107
Chamberlain Family-122
Chamberlain Family-116  Chamberlain Family-126
Chamberlain Family-137
Chamberlain Family-131  Chamberlain Family-134
Chamberlain Family-138
Chamberlain Family-143
Chamberlain Family-148

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  1. Beautiful photos and family and home. I love her decorating style so much.