Friday, March 6, 2015

Jimmy Newborn, San Clemente, CA...

 I think that all parents deserve a big pat on the back for just being awesome.
Dont' we all need a good shout out every now and then?
Because this job isn't an easy one. And when I get to go into peoples home during photos shoots like this I usually walk away just wanting to say GOOD JOB. You guys rock.

This is exactly how I felt about the Kirklands.
They welcomed this second little boy into their home with such grace.

Ashley Kirkland-20
Ashley Kirkland-17
Ashley Kirkland-11  Ashley Kirkland-5
Ashley Kirkland-21
Ashley Kirkland-31
Ashley Kirkland-34  Ashley Kirkland-35
Ashley Kirkland-40
Ashley Kirkland-44
Ashley Kirkland-54
Ashley Kirkland-74
Ashley Kirkland-64
Ashley Kirkland-59
Ashley Kirkland-88
Ashley Kirkland-100
Ashley Kirkland-93
Ashley Kirkland-57
Ashley Kirkland-107  Ashley Kirkland-97
Ashley Kirkland-113
Ashley Kirkland-120
Ashley Kirkland-126  Ashley Kirkland-130
Ashley Kirkland-132
Ashley Kirkland-148
Ashley Kirkland-156

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