Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Samantha and Ryan, Engaged...

Let's just talk about how photogenic these two lovebirds are. And as sweet as humble as they come.
These photos were at 3 arch bay in Laguna on valentines day which is kind of fun! The light was magic. Enjoy!
Sam Brooks-20
Sam Brooks-26  Sam Brooks-36
Sam Brooks-32
Sam Brooks-22
Sam Brooks-28
Sam Brooks-43
Sam Brooks-50
Sam Brooks-56

Sam Brooks-76
Sam Brooks-66
Sam Brooks-82  Sam Brooks-77
Sam Brooks-75
Sam Brooks-65
Sam Brooks-86
Sam Brooks-99
Sam Brooks-103
Sam Brooks-91
Sam Brooks-105
Sam Brooks-115  Sam Brooks-124
Sam Brooks-14
Sam Brooks-89
Sam Brooks-16  Sam Brooks-8
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