Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kelsey + Dakota...


There love is so sweet. Reminds me of a nicholas sparks romance novel. 
I got teary eyed atleast 4 times during their ceremony today.

Here's a few from their groomal session up mueller park canyon.

and the photo of him handing her a flower...he would sneak off and go pick her flowers. They have been together for seven years now and they seem like they fell in love yesterday. The two of them are DEEPLY sweet and just so tender hearted. A match made in heaven. Congrats you two. 

Kelsey and Dakota-29
Kelsey and Dakota-54
Kelsey and Dakota-72
Kelsey and Dakota-84
Kelsey and Dakota-66  Kelsey and Dakota-77
Kelsey and Dakota-88
Kelsey and Dakota-97
Kelsey and Dakota-112
Kelsey and Dakota-123
Kelsey and Dakota-125  Kelsey and Dakota-114
Kelsey and Dakota-131
Kelsey and Dakota-134 Kelsey and Dakota-136
Kelsey and Dakota-100
Kelsey and Dakota-85
Kelsey and Dakota-49
Kelsey and Dakota-7  Kelsey and Dakota-36
Kelsey and Dakota-139
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