Thursday, June 4, 2015

Maddie Sr. Pics

CONGRATS to this beauty and all the other graduates today. 
Love cruisn around and seeing all the cute high schoolers in their caps and gowns. And all the other teeny boppers with their Nielsens ice cream running around the streets. Totally brings back all the memories of what it felt like on the last day of school!!

This girl is amazing in every way. Love her so.
She is my favorite to photograph. And I say it over and over but hoping that one of my kids gets this gene in our family SOMEWHERE and I can have a red head exactly like her.

Maddie Sr Pics B-W-6
Maddie Sr Pics-89
Maddie Sr Pics-76  Maddie Sr Pics-70
Maddie Sr Pics-97  Maddie Sr Pics-102
Maddie Sr Pics-57
Maddie Sr Pics-55
Maddie Sr Pics-35
Maddie Sr Pics-32
Maddie Sr Pics-14

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