Saturday, October 17, 2015

Allen Family...

THIS IS SUPER MOM + DAD right here!!
I am in awe of how they do it with these three little kids. 

So happy they were able to meet me for some family photos. You would never know that we had some situations involving dog poo right from the get go, as well as tired kids from time change, cold temps, potty breaks, and mud...lots of mud. These guys were serious troopers. And just all around awesome. Thanks so much, allen family, you guys rock.

ps- how cute are those twins?! I've always had a fascination with twins. I secretly pray i get a pair... I think you have to have a CRAZY amount of patience, but it's just over the top cute. Love their little bond. Ella apparently has a fascination with them as well because she would always come home from pre-school and tell me about penny and henry.

Allen Family-8
Allen Family-15

Allen Family-18  Allen Family-19
Allen Family-16
Allen Family-26

Allen Family-33  Allen Family-40
Allen Family-41
Allen Family-45
Allen Family-47
Allen Family-58  Allen Family-61
Allen Family-52  Allen Family-36  Allen Family-48
Allen Family-38
Allen Family-79
Allen Family-85  Allen Family-92
 Allen Family-93  Allen Family-95  Allen Family-94
Allen Family-67  Allen Family-75
Allen Family-101
Allen Family-102
Allen Family-104  Allen Family-103

Allen Family-111

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