Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bridals + Groomals, Thanksgiving Point...

Makell wanted as much greenery as she could get as we photographed towards the end of october. 
Thanksgiving point reception gardens was the perfect spot. 
I love photographing here and makells timeless and classic beauty really inspired me.
She's just naturally gorgeous and had this simple elegance. 
I had a lot of fun with these two. Can't wait for their life together. 

makell garlick-8

makell garlick-12

makell garlick-5

makell garlick-13

makell garlick-20

makell garlick-15

makell garlick-25

makell garlick-34

makell garlick-45  makell garlick-44
makell garlick-28
makell garlick-46

 makell garlick-63

makell garlick-65

makell garlick-73

makell garlick-77  makell garlick-71
makell garlick-81

makell garlick-91

makell garlick-94

makell garlick-101

makell garlick-95  makell garlick-99

makell garlick-109

makell garlick-113

makell garlick-118

makell garlick-121

makell garlick-127

makell garlick-139

makell garlick-150  makell garlick-152
makell garlick-144
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  2. You're the absolute best Amanda!!!