Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Studio McGee...

You can NOT go wrong when you have these people in front of your lens!! Are they not absolutely stunning?! I truly feel so honored that they would pick me to shoot their family photos. They are the design king and queen! I'm anxiously waiting or their T.V. show on HGTV. Who hears me?

But what I love the most is how humble they still are. With all of this going for them they still remain the most down to earth and easy going people around. We have a lot of funny back stories during this photo shoot but through it all we still got some good shots at Tibble Creek. Honestly can not say enough good things about these people. 

mcgee family-8

mcgee family-13  mcgee family-4
mcgee family-23
mcgee family-27
mcgee family-30
mcgee family-35
mcgee family-36  mcgee family-48
 mcgee family-52
mcgee family-57  mcgee family-58
 mcgee family-61
mcgee family-62
mcgee family-67
mcgee family-72  mcgee family-70
mcgee family-74

mcgee family-78

mcgee family-76

mcgee family-82

mcgee family-96

mcgee family-88

mcgee family-103

mcgee family-104

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