Saturday, October 17, 2015

Whitehead Family, Temple Square...

So this photo shoot was one that I feel like will stick out in my memory forever. It was honestly magical. Its kind of funny but almost every single wedding I end up crying at some point or the other. The happy cry of course. Just the reality of the day, and the moment will hit me. A lot of the time I feel like the guests are carrying on chatting, being social, etc etc...and they miss these defining moments. But as a photographer it's me and the couple, and most the time...the couple forgets about me, and we are sharing a moment together. That's why I love weddings.

Family photo shoots...I love those too! I really do. But let's be honest. If you have EVER had family photos with kids of ANY age. Its hard. It's chaotic. You're stressed, the kids are stressed. It's just the process. But something happened with these guys where I got all teary eyed DURING the photo shoot. And then again posting the photos I relived all those feelings again. I absolutely adored how Carli brought her grandma who helped raise her. Carlis daughter shirley, is named after her grandma shirley so they wanted photos together. SWEETEST. The bubble machine, the temple. Magic.

Whitehead Family-4

Whitehead Family-9

Whitehead Family-13  Whitehead Family-15
Whitehead Family-18

Whitehead Family-21

Whitehead Family-30

Whitehead Family-34

Whitehead Family-36

Whitehead Family-43  Whitehead Family-44
Whitehead Family-46
Whitehead Family-47
Whitehead Family-51
Whitehead Family-53  Whitehead Family-48
 Whitehead Family-57
Whitehead Family-60
Whitehead Family-62

Whitehead Family-63

Whitehead Family-69

Whitehead Family-84

Whitehead Family-81  Whitehead Family-83
Whitehead Family-87

Whitehead Family-108

Whitehead Family-111

Whitehead Family-115  Whitehead Family-117
Whitehead Family-118
Whitehead Family-121
Whitehead Family-113
Whitehead Family-112
Whitehead Family-127
Whitehead Family-131
Whitehead Family-142  Whitehead Family-140
carli branding-7
Whitehead Family-154

Whitehead Family-149
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