Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome Baby Ivy...

You guys...these photo shoots get me. It's something special. The newness of these sweet babies. And to be able to go in and capture these moments is my absolute favorite. For me, the first week of my babies lives is the closest thing to heaven. Ivy is the prettiest little thing and the way this family loves her sweet new self is everything. full of grace. attentive. And wren...the sweetest big sister ever, that last pic!. SO grateful, really, to have been there. WELCOME BABY IVY. You  are a VERY loved baby already. 

Baby Ivy-2

Baby Ivy-3  Baby Ivy-6
Baby Ivy-8
Baby Ivy-15  Baby Ivy-14
Baby Ivy-17

Baby Ivy-12

Baby Ivy-21

Baby Ivy-22

Baby Ivy-27

Baby Ivy-30

Baby Ivy-33

Baby Ivy-34

Baby Ivy-35

Baby Ivy-37

Baby Ivy-38  Baby Ivy-39
Baby Ivy-40  Baby Ivy-44
Baby Ivy-46
Baby Ivy-61
Baby Ivy-62
Baby Ivy-23
Baby Ivy-69
Baby Ivy-72
Baby Ivy-73
Baby Ivy-78
Baby Ivy-67
Baby Ivy-79  Baby Ivy-81
Baby Ivy-86

Baby Ivy-89

Baby Ivy-87

Baby Ivy-96

Baby Ivy-99  Baby Ivy-101
Baby Ivy-102
Baby Ivy-105
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