Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ellas 4th Birthday...

Another personal post! I just have to post it now or i know I never will with all these fun weddings I need to get to posting!

My little ella mae has been dreaming of a princess party with all of her friends for two years now. So I decided to throw in the towell and go for it this year. It was honestly worth every single dime I spent. It was so magical and adorable. I have been dreaming of things like this long before I had her to be honest. And when it all comes together and you see that expression of pure joy it is honestly the best thing in the world. 
Her one request was to have elsa come...on a unicorn. The unicorn didn't quite make it but elsa did! haha! She was so concerned about elsa getting here since there is no snow in utah so we had to call her multiple times to let her know! so funny. 
I had elsa talk about "aria" she is our favorite "princess" around here.
Shes the priness of kindness. 
Then the girls danced and did makeup. Played, opened presents and did cake. 
So grateful for everyone who came and all the little darling girls in their princess dresses. 
Such a fun day celebrating ella mae. 

(And yes ella requested wearing multiple princess dresses...Her aria dress, tinkerbell dress, and elsa dress. She is ALL girl. Every stereotypical thing that is girl. Is Ella.)

ellas 4
ellas 4-4
ellas 4-5
ellas 4-22
ellas 4-29
ellas 4-30
ellas 4-31
ellas 4-36
ellas 4-33
ellas 4-40
ellas 4-43
ellas 4-53
ellas 4-55
ellas 4-60
ellas 4-62
ellas 4-64
ellas 4-65

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