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  1. Hey Amanda! My fiancee & I are planning to come to San Diego in September to get married. Could I get a price sheet? We love your work and are hoping to book you.

  2. Yes, contact me at and I will send that over! Thanks!!

  3. Amanda,
    First, congrats on your new little one. I don't remember how far along you were when you took our pics in July. Mallory mentioned when you had your baby but I don't know if it is a girl or boy but I'm sure he or she is beautiful! I got the pics and we all just love them!!! Thank you - Marianne, my other daughter, wondered if by any chance you good superimpose (is that the right term?) her daughter with the other grandkids. Her daughter was always running away and we never got a pic with all of them. If that is a problem no big deal - I actually would love one of her running away if you have one. I'm trying to give them some of the pics for Christmas - We all love them. JoAn